Frequently Asked Questions

How long does ADHD Coaching take?

Coaching not only involves helping the client reach their goals, but also helping the client develop new habits and routines or change some old ones that no longer support those goals.  As you may know, habits and routines don’t happen overnight.    In addition, challenging old beliefs and/or reaffirming new beliefs about oneself takes time as well.  As a rule of thumb, consider a minimum of three months for coaching to be effective.

How is ADHD Coaching different from psychotherapy?

Coaching is not psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is based on creating understanding of the past, and the why our actions and/or motivations come to be.  It is important to recognize feelings and motivations, but with coaching it is done in the context of the present with the intention of creating strategies and taking action to produce the changes you desire moving forward. A coach will help you hold your focus on your goal, but YOU are responsible for the movement, one step at a time.

What kind of training does an ADHD coach have?

There are many different training institutions for learning the coaching process. At the very least, a certification in life coaching should be required in order to benefit from a trained life coach.  An ADHD Coach must be also trained to understand the neurological underpinnings of the disorder, how the neurology translates into signs and symptoms in the various stages of development and maturity, and the effect it can have in various environments (home, work, school, social settings, relationships, etc).

I have graduated and am certified by ADD Coach Academy ( and have completed both basic and advance training levels. ADDCA is the global leader and pioneer in the specialty arena of ADHD Coach training and the only comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation, the governing body of the coaching profession.  I also completed training in ADHD medication protocol through Dr. Charles Parker’s CoreBrain ADHD Meds in Action program.  In addition to my coach training, I also completed training in The Nurture Heart Approach and am a certified trainer to parents, educators, and treatment professionals in this positive behavior approach for children/young adults.

How can I focus over the phone?
You may find it hard to believe but much can be learned and expressed when coaching over the phone.  While sitting in an office or bedroom (some may choose to sit in their car!), away from distractions, one can very easily settle into a rhythm of conversation and get into a comfortable space for self-reflection and honest expression of thoughts to your coach.  A good coach is trained to listen to tone of voice, speech, choice of words, pace, and energy, as they are forms of communication that can provide valuable cues when the visual aspect is missing.  
As an added plus, you don’t need to figure in travel time and inconvenience to visit another location every week.

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f ADHD coaching works, can I stop medication?
ADHD medication is intended to help your brain focus at will, in a way that it doesn’t do naturally. But improved focus doesn’t help create the right skills and strategies necessary to accomplish or do things more effectively.  As the saying goes, “Pills don’t’ teach the skills,” and that is where coaching comes in.  Both coaching AND treatment for your focus ability may be necessary, depending on the individual.  However, some people feel that they want to try coaching to learn the skills, strategies, or compensating techniques in the hope of getting off their medication.  In any event, please consult with your doctor first before stopping your ADHD medication.

How can I convince my spouse (parent, child, etc.) to get ADHD coaching?

ADHD coaching only works with someone who wants to change, and is willing to take the steps to move towards their goals. Some people are not ready to acknowledge that they have ADHD (or ADHD traits). Without a willingness to “look in the mirror,” it isn’t possible to be coached successfully.

It may take a heartfelt discussion with a loved one to tell them how their traits, tendencies or habits are affecting you or the family before they’ll consider getting help. Also, assure the person that coaching is not about “fixing” them – they’re not broken! It’s simply a process of learning how to achieve the results that they want.

How do I know if ADHD coaching will work for me?

ADHD coaching is a partnership. The coach provides the process and guidance, but you’re the one who ultimately needs to do the work. Repeating your past behavior and old patterns of doing things will only bring the same old results.  So the most important factor in successful ADHD coaching is you – whether you are willing to take steps to do things differently than you have been.  If you continue to only do what you have done in the past, simply talking every week to a coach won’t create much progress.

You’ll want to be able to trust and connect with your coach, and feel understood when you talk. The best way to determine that level of rapport is to talk to a coach. Explain what goals you would like to reach in coaching, what you would like to change, and what your expectations are. The coach will tell you if ADHD coaching can realistically meet your expectations.

What is the next step?

If you think that ADHD coaching sounds like what you’re looking for and want to explore it further, let’s talk about it in a complementary phone consultation. To set it up, just phone me at 732-330-7298, or email me at . We’ll talk about your own coaching goals, so that we can determine if I am the right coach for you!


I’m Lee Rozycki, an ADHD Coach. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about how I can help.

“I have worked with Lee for over a year.  She has a very genuine spirit and is a wonderful asset to coaching.  She is a go-getter and has been an encouragement to me.  She uses humor effectively and has empowered me in my journey.  Lee is a gem.  Anyone who coaches with her will receive a true gift.”

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